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Eco-friendly Home Improvement: Creating a Rain Barrel

Business and people all over are beginning to welcome all things «environment-friendly.» Eco-friendly tasks frequently save money in the long run, and are a lot more socially mindful. However what can the typical do-it-yourself house owner do to improve the place she or he resides in a green way? In this article I will explain one of many choices that even a beginning DIYer can successfully achieve: installing a rain barrel.

Materials Needed:

Big barrel hose adaptor Six " screen and faucet or specially designed rain barrel Downspout parts Rain Hose


If you acquire a rain barrel, you can skip ahead to the «installation» area.

Clean the barrel. Do not use bleach as it can damage the surroundings. Vinegar is an outstanding option.

Cut out a hole on the top part of your barrel to fit your screen size. Connect the screen.

To prevent disintegrationand develop an overflow, pierce a hole a couple of inches from Backyard Water Garden Prevention Tips of the barrel. Screw in the hose adapter here. When the rain barrel gets too filled, water will go out the hose. Pierce a hole near the bottom of the barrel (about 6—10» from the ground) and attach the faucet (make sure to prep it using plumber's tape).


Select an area for your rain barrel beside an existing downspout.

Plan how you desire to re-route the downspout to flow into the barrel.

Buy the correct components — make sure to measure your existing downspout so you get the right size.

Slide new downspout parts onto the existing downspout.

Place the rain barrel so it catches water.

Attach a hose to the bottom of the downspout, or leave it totally free to utilize to fill watering containers.


Save water using what comes from the sky rather of your faucet.

Depending on placement, may be a more practical method to keep compost heap or gardens moist.


Using a screen prevents leaves and other debris from getting in the water and blocking the faucets.

Be sure to use the water occasionally so it isn't stationary.

Do not utilize the water collected for showering, drinking, or food preparation.

Keep the lid secure to avoid accidental drowning.

Elevate the rain barrel utilizing cinder blocks to make it much easier to use the faucet while still maintaining the faucet close to the ground.

Get rid of the barrel throughout the winter to prevent overflow from snow melt that takes place. Re-att

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